Visitor Information

Day Visit

This information is intended to assist you in organising a successful day visit to the Hagley Farm Visitor Centre.

  • When you plan your day please take into consideration that 60 to 90 minutes is required in order to gain maximum benefit from each activity.
  • Please allow a minimum or 45 minutes for breaks (15 for a morning break and 30 for lunch).  Younger children may need longer
  • Because of skill development, Cottage Industries is recommended for Grades 3 – 6.  The Home Life Museum provides a variety of  hands on activities more suited to younger age groups.  If you would like to make butter with Preps – 2, feel free to bring 1.8 to 2 litres cream per visit at room temperature and we will churn this with the children. (Cream should be left out of the fridge overnight).  For an extra charge we are able to supply the cream. Please advise us if you wish to undertake this activity
  • For those wishing to focus on the History Curriculum your day may look something like this:

This information is intended as a guide and you are welcome to choose any activities from our program that best suit your needs. For those wishing to have a science/farm focus, a program can be designed to meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements.

Please see below some links to additional information about visiting the school, as well as details about the curriculum:

Learning Resources

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Weekends and Holidays

The Hagley accommodation is available to community groups for weekends and holidays. Please contact the school to arrange your visit.