Farm Environment

The Hagley Farm provides a great environment to explore several aspects of the science and geography curriculum. Living things and life cycles, the earth’s resources and science in the daily lives of farmers are some of the aspects that can be covered in the activities available.

Mixed Farm Study

Topics covered may include: animals, crop and soil management, water usage, fencing, farm machinery, economic aspects of farming, animal reproduction. A farm walk and/or tractor ride is included.

Pond Study

Students will catch and identify a variety of pond life from a farm dam. Features of the pond life and life cycles will be discussed.

Dung Beetles

Students will study the impact and life cycle of introduced dung beetles in Tasmania. They will search for live beetles in the Hagley pastures.

General Environment Study

This activity takes a broad look at changes to the environment over time. Students investigate the impact of humans pre and post white settlement.

Tree Study

Students look at a variety of species of native and exotic trees and discuss their differences. Tree use on farms will be investigated to include: shelter belts (planting and care), soil conservation. Salinity, animal shelters and nesting sites.


This activity looks at where water comes from on a farm and how it is used. Children test water to determine: Ph, conductivity and turbidity.

Photo Trail

Students develop their map reading and observation skills by locating a series of photographed objects in the visitor centre environment.