Animal Awareness

At Hagley there are a variety of farm animals. Some animals are kept for commercial purposes and others are ‘pets’ kept for children to experience feeding and patting. All animals are accessed across our various activities in order to educate children concerning their attributes and the care required to keep them healthy and happy. These activities relate closely to the Science strand of the Australian Curriculum.

Introduction to Animals

Suitable for early learning groups to grade two, a menagerie of pet animals are used to create an awareness of animal attributes. This may include: names, features, life cycles, care and use of these animals on a farm. Children are able to pat and feed various animals and the day will include a tractor and trailer ride.

Poultry Study

Students will study our free range poultry operation including: poultry facts, life cycles, egg collection, packaging and marketing.

Dairy Study

Observation of dairy cows. Breeds of dairy cows, machinery, milk products, economics, life cycles, demonstration milking by arrangement, feeding and a visit to the dairy.

Sheep Study

Observation of our flock. Breeds of sheep, flock management, shearing by arrangement, facts about wool and aspects of a small shearing shed. Lambing takes place during June/July.